24-29.04.2005 Holiday in Villard de Lans
Even though summer was showing up a month ago in Cannes we managed to get some more skiing done before the snow was all gone.

28.03.2005 Summer on it's way
End of March Sophie and Kjetil had a stroll in Cannes. Turned out to be a nice day, but even so it was surprising to see the large amount of people already enjoying the beach.

Winter 2005
Some different photos taken thoughout the winter of 2005. Look out for climatic impossibilities, a french girl turning norwegian and a handsome norwegian.

19.02.2005 Bataille de fleurs (battle of flowers)
February is carneval time in Nice and we checked out the battle of flowers. Not too good to be honest (the carneval parade last year was way better), but at least we checked it out.

13.02.2005 Fête du citron (lemon festival)
In february we headed to Menton and it's lemon festival. Naturally we saw lot's of lemons.

08.01.2005 Cross country skiing at Gréolières les neiges
Back from Norway, both with new cross country skiing gear, Sophie and Kjetil decided to try out the snow in the "southern hemisphere".

Xmas in Norway
Christmas 2004 was spent in Norway where family, friends and snow were the attractions.

18.12.2004 Benoit visiting
Sophie's cousin Benoit came down from castellanne for a weekend. That gave us an oppurtunity do do some sightseeing.

12.12.2004 Climbing at Colle sur Loup
On a this nice day in December we decided to do some climbing. We even found a new climbing site because when the sun left the original one it got to cold.

04-05.12.2004 Sophie's birthday
Sophie turned 25 and we went to Nice for a good time out. Thomas and Alex had us over for dinner and afterwards we went to a bar in the old town of Nice.

26-28.11.2004 Alexandre's birthay
End of November Alexandre organized a weekend in the mountains in connection with his birthday. We had a whole gîte to ourselves and we did some nice walks and had some amazing dinners.

12.11.2004 A "small" trip to la Buretterie
Early in November Sophie and Oliver took some days off work and we did the long drive north west to Nantes. It was nice to see family and Frineds again. And boy had Fabio grown.

07.11.2004 Climbing in the red rock west
On my birthday we headed to l'Esterel to do some climbing. Unfortunately the lighting denied me from getting any good climbing pictures. It did however provide other possibilities...

29-31.10.2004 Mike sleeping at all hours
These photos might not be very remarkable by themselves. However the combination of all together with info of time taken is a bit amusing.

29-31.10.2004 Mike and Rob visiting
Rob was in Europe and decided to visit Nice. Mike joined him. The rain poured down, but it was still good times...

Neighbours and sports
Here's some pics which present some of the outfits we wear now and then and also a photo of our part-time american neighbours.

02-03.10.2004 Visiting Olivier and Montpellier
The first weekend of October was spent in Montpellier and the surrounding areas. With Olivier as guide we had a really good time.

18.09.2004 Snorkling
The water was still warm. The weather a bit windy. But it was still good enough to get some more value out of Kjetil's underwater camera housing.

11-12.09.2004 A wedding in Champagne
Aurélie and Alex got married and we were lucky guests. Good food and off course a lot of champagne was consumed in celebration of the newly-weds.

08.09.2004 Canyoning with Jenny & Mike
Since Jenny and Mike took the time to come here all the way from USA and "Australia", we decided we'd better show them something of the best the region has to offer. Here's a video showing a little bit (6MB wmv-file).

05.09.2004 Gorges du Verdon
The day after the BBQ some of us headed to the Gorges du Verdon. On the way we came across a medevial village party and once we got there we had a refreshing "swim" in the river.

04.09.2004 BBQ at Karen and Olivier's
In the start of September we went to a nice BBQ in Taradeau. On the way we stopped and explored the Rocher de Roquebrune.

29.08.2004 Climbing St. Jeannet
Towards the end of August we headed for a climbing site near St. Jeannet. We got there in the afternoon to escape the heat. Some hot climbing was still showcased though...

08.08.2004 Walk starting from St. Auban
On the second sunday of august we went on a hike in the mountains behind St. Auban. We also came across a rather interesting canyon (clue) where some of us went for a dip.

31.07.2004 Canyoning Ruisseau Audin part 2
Noticed that there weren't any pictures of Marine doing any jumps at the canyoning, so here is a few photos to make sure everybody is included. Perhaps it also explains why there weren't any of Marine in the first release...

The canyoning video
Some things need moving pictures to explain. Maybe you've gathered a lot from the photos, but to further broaden your minds here is a video(1.4MB)showing more of the action.

31.07.2004 Canyoning Ruisseau Audin
On the last day of July and while Kjetil's brother was still here we decided it was good day to go Canyoning. Not a bad idea at all.

29.07.2004 Fireworks in Cannes
Kjetil's brother Trond was visiting so we went to see a fireworks display in Cannes. Here is a video(1.3MB) showing 15 seconds of the 25 minutes show.

Summer vacation 2004
Due to unforseen circumstances regarding Kjetil's stage at the end of the french course we ended up having a week vacation in July. We decided to head for the mountains to escape the heat and it turned out to be a good choice...

02-04.07.2004 Marine's summer party
Marine and her brother threw their parents out and invited friends to enjoy a weekend at the countryside mansion.

30.06.2004 Diva dinner
Diva, the company Sophie works for, invited all their employees and the better halves for a dinner. We went to the restaurant Plage Keller at the start of the walk around Cap d'Antibes.

26.06-27.06.2004 2 day walkingtrip in the southern French alps
Last weekend in June was spent approximately 2000 meters above sealevel. Saturday afternoon we left the coast and headed for the mountains and the national park of Mercantour with Antoine, Elisabeth, Julien and Barbara.

05.06.2004 Cime des collettes
The first saturday in june was used to do a walk with Alex, Sylvain, Valérie and Anne-Marie. We drove to Toudon at 970 meters above sea level and then by feet climbed another 550 meters to the Cime des Collettes.

29.05.2004 Amadeus football tournament
As reported earlier we had a fun day with a little bit of football, a lot of sun and severely sunburnt shoulders.

23.05.2004 Val de Siagne
We went down to the river, but we didn't quite dive in. It is however a big chance we will return for a dip because the water looked very inviting.

22.05.2004 Hike starting and ending in Gourdon.
For the second day of Sophie's parents stay we went for a walk in the mountains above the village of Gourdon. It turned out to be rather foggy, but still nice and luckily we had no rain.

21.05.2004 Lac St. Cassien with Sophie's parents
Madeleine and Daniel (ma and pa) came here for the longweekend of the ascencion and on the friday we visited Lac St.Cassien. half an hour drive away.

15.05.2004 Aurélie and Alexandre visiting
Sophie's friend Aurélie came with the train (for free) and her boyfriend to stay for a weekend. We took them to the beach and to Antibes for a walk.

09.05.2004 Antoines birthday
After Olivier had started his journey back to Montpellier we went to Antoines birthday. Along with the usual birthdayevents we had a BBQ and there was dancing.

09.05.2004 A day at the beach
On the second day of Olivier's visit we went to the beach where we played a bit of volleyball and did some snorkeling.

08.05.2004 Cap d'Antibes with Olivier
Olivier (Sophie's brother) came for a visit one weekend in May. After his arrival on the saturday we went for a walk around Cap d'Antibes.

24.04.2004 Eze plage and mussels in Monaco
On the way to a casino in Monaco we stopped of at Eze plage were we did some fishspotting. Once we got to Monaco Sophie and Thomas stayed with the ocean theme and had some mussels.

18.04.2004 The castle hill in Nice
On this certain Sunday in April we arranged to meet up with Gwena, a friend of Sophie's sister Corinne, in Nice. After locating eachother in Nice we took the walk up to the castle hill...

11.04.2004 Mamie's birthday
Sophie and Kjetil headed to nantes for a weekend to celebrate Mamie's 80th birthday. They encountered a lot of family and had a good time enjoying food and games...

04.04.2004 Beachvolley and cold water
Nicolas suggested some beachvolleyball. We gathered some people and headed for the becah in Mandelieu. Kjetil even tested out the ocean. Note the date...

21.03.2004 Climbing in La Turbie
A healthy group of 10-11 people headed for La Turbie and the climbing site nearby. We were met by heavy fog, but it disappeared and it turned out to be a very hot day with great climbing.

14.03.2004 Scaling the French mountains with racettes
The Norwegians were a bit sceptical and the weather was a bit grey. The day did however turn out to be pretty good, even though the Norwegians probably still favour skis...

Brown snow and the village of Gréolières
In late february Sophie and Kjetil headed to Gréolières-Les-Neiges to do some cross country skiing. Turned out there was not enough snow and what there was, was brown...

Kjetil back in Norway for 2 weeks
After finding out his french course would start at the end of January, Kjetil took a 2 week trip to Norway to catch up with friends and family and to check out real snow.

New Year's Eve 2003
Sophie & Kjetil had guests for the last day of 2003. In true French tradition a lot of time was spent at the dining table. Excotic dishes like oysters and foie gras were consumed.

The day before 2003 turned into 2004 Kjetil decided to have some fun with his hair. It was the longest it had been in years and the result you can see in a gif animation here (It is 422KB)

Christmas 2003
Sophie and Kjetil spent the christmas with Sophie's family in St. Herblon an hours drive from Nantes. A joyous time with a lot of good food and family fun.

20.12.03 Cap D'Antibes & Antibes
One Saturday late in December Sophie and Kjetil decided to explore Cap D'Antibes. As the path around it was closed we decided for a walk in the town of Antibes as well. Antibes is approximately a 20 minute drive from were we live...

Skiing 07.12.03 & 14.12.03
Two Sundays in a row we headed for the mountains and the ski centre Isola 2000. Fairly good snow conditions and weather made it two great days.

30.11.2003 Hiking in Esterel
Esterel is a mountain massive close to the ocean which provides good views of Cannes. We did a 10 KM walk and luckily unaware we also passed through a hunting area.

Sightseeing in Monaco
Some time back ago now Sophie, Kjetil and Thomas took the trip to Monaco for some some sightseeing. They even spent some time at a oceanographic museum ( or something like that).

09.11.2003 The first snow
We had actually seen the snowcapped mountains for a while and this sunday we decided to take the drive to check it out.

01-02.11.2003 2nd Weekend in Villecroze
We went back for more of the french countryside. This time there were quite a few people and we tried out Thomas' homemade volleyball net as well as good food and drinks.

25-26.10.2003 Weekend in Villecroze
Close to the little village Villecroze, 1 1/2 hour drive west from Nice,Alex and her family has a countryside house. Julia(Alex's sister), Chula(Julia's dog), Thomas, Alex, Sophie and Kjetil went there to relax for a couple of days.

24.10.2003 Nice by night on inline skates
Every forthnight streets in Nice are closed off so people on inline skates can enjoy themselves. 25 kilometers was pretty tiring, but still fun.

19.10.2003 Climbing in mountains close to Monaco
Even though the weather was grim Saturday, 10 people gathered on Sunday to do a bit of climbing. Luckily the weather also turned up.

16.10.2003 Snorkling in Villefranche
Before it got too cold Thomas and Kjetil decided to do some snorkling and have a look at the Marine life on the Riviera.

Various pictures from france the last couple of months
Pictures that there weren't enough of to put in a catgory of it's own but pictures we still felt like putting up.

05.10.2003 Via Ferrata...
...or the iron way. No matter what language it was an interesting method of scaling a mountain and let me tell you that the pictures doesn't show that there was a hefty breeze more like a storm infact.

Sophie's place of origin
Just before Kjetil returned to Norway, Sophie brought him to his parent's place not far from Nantes to meet the parents. The trip also coincided with Sophie becoming an aunt for the first time.

Various pictures from Norway
Before Kjetil left for France he got to spend some time with his friends in Norway. Here you'll find pictures from Tommy's birthday party and some from Max's (the australian) visit.

French Wedding
In the last weekend of August Michel, Sophies brother, got married to his Magali in Grenoble. Sophie and Kjetil attended and enjoyed good food, wine and Harmonica playing.

Sophie in Norway
After 19 months in exile Kjetil returned to his beloved homeland and with him he brought Sophie to show her the sights for a week.

Kjetil's great travels in the United states
After a hectic end to Kjetil's studies in Australia, he was ready do do some relaxing in LA and some sightseeing in NY. It was not to be. After randomly meeting German Daniel on a bus stop in Venice Beach, they set out to cross the country in a car.

Various pictures from Kjetil's time in Australia
Thanks to all the different photographers for providing these images and to all the people on them for providing good times...