PS! If you don't find a link to your webpage here there could be several reasons. We are not aware that you have a website. We unluckily forgot. Or maybe you don't update your webpage to often. We(at least me Kjetil) like pages which are updated regularly, let's say at least every 3rd week. Oh I should add that by update I don't mean a change of design, but more added content.
Thomas Rivrud
Stuck in France not far from us for similar reasons as Kjetil.
Jennifer Brooke Loudis
Lively girl from the center of USA trying to buy a house.

Jeffrey Kinley
Currently located in San Diego. Thinking about romantic happenings and Mac problems.

Petar Spaseski
If this guy sit still for more than 10 seconds then he is dead.
Eskil aleksandersen-fjellskål
Young promising lad from Norway. Very energetic and also updates his webpage more often than his mum updates hers.
Adriano Mena
Our canadian friend now with his own website and a humour of his own to go with it.
Léa et Thibaut
We haven't actually met Léa from Geneva, but Thibaut often amuses us with crazy jumps on the volleyball court or interesting stories from his martial art world. So we guess Léa is nice as well.
Nicolas Hourdou
You can trust in Nico to always give 100% whether it is volleyball, climbing or buying apartments.